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Suggested itinerary for Uzbekistan

There is a lot of debate on how many days make for the perfect sojourn in this Central Asian country - so here's all you need to know to get the best out of your experience!


The magnificent Registan Ensemble, Samarkand


The main sights in Uzbekistan are in Tashkent (the capital city), Sam…

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Samarkand, straight out of The Arabian Nights

Samarkand is one of the greatest cities on the Silk Road, and undeniably the most impressive architectural capital of Central Asia. Wondering why? 


The Registan Ensemble, Samarkand


The city boasts of some of the marvels of the medieval Islamic era, that was even responsible fo…

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Bukhara: The Holiest City in Central Asia

As children, we have all come across "The Arabian Nights" in some way or another. Many refer to it in its original name, "One thousand and one nights". But what if you wanted to see that in real life? 


Stunning, isn't it?


Hailed as the holiest city in Central Asia, Bukhara has…

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Travelling back in time, at Khiva

Dating back to the beginning of the Christian era, the hermit town of Khiva was believed to be found by the son of Noah, the leader of the Ark. And today, this little town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Wondering why? Read on.


The old town of Xiva (or "Khiva") is dotted with stunning…

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