Sunsets in Kutagal, Ramanagara

A place so surreal, it could easily have been mistaken for a very enchanting dream! Do you want to know where this is? Read on.


The rock formations in Kutagal, Ramanagara



The Story:

Legend has it that, a long time ago, a washerman ("Agasa") and his partner ("Agasagatti") yearned to be with each other. But, their communities would not let them. In their desperation to escape the tormenting society, and unite, they decided to end their misery by jumping off one of the hills. At the top of the hill, was (and still remains) a Temple of God Vishnu. The couple prayed to the idol, one last time - and lo! God manifested in the form of a hermit, and told them that he was there to help. When the couple narrated their ordeal and their plan, he assured them of their never-unity and turned them into an immovable form.

The two rocks appear to embrace each other even today, and have stood so for centuries!



Agasa and Agasagatti Rocks, eternally with each other



How to get to Kutagal?

  • Ramanagara is 50 kilometres from Bangalore on the Bangalore-Mysore highway
  • Use this marker for navigating to the location
  • Takes about 1.5 hours from the city
  • Cars can be parked outside the Thimmappaswamy temple at the base of the mound; bikes can be ridden to the edge - but it spoils the view for everybody else (so leave them in the parking zone)
  • The edge of the rock is only a five minute walk from the temple



Sunset hues can play your muse



What to expect?

  • Best time to visit is an hour before sunset - the views are excellent and the hues in the sky can be captivating!
  • Very easy to spend between one to two hours and lose track of time
  • Makes for a great picnic spot, in case you choose to come earlier in the day - but it can be quite hot!
  • Similar to Monument Valley, USA, these monolithic rocks have stood for a very long time and are scattered all over the village. Another similarity we could find was with the Ninh Binh Province in Vietnam, which is home to limestone mountains
  • Caution: Staying after sun down is not advisable - Cheetahs are known to come out in the dark. It is also suggested to travel in groups



Chasing a Saturday sunset



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