About Us


We've been best friends since we met first at fifteen. We never traveled much when we were studying, but we always had the wanderlust hidden inside. After getting married, we decided to explore the world, one step at a time and share our experiences with family and friends! 😃

We live in Bangalore and we enjoy the beautiful weather, cringe at the pollution and love the cosmopolitan feel. But our backpacks are always packed and ready, so that we can run off to new places and stare at gorgeous sceneries, wander around bustling cities, experience warm cultures and feast on the local cuisine!

We love spending endless hours planing for our next escape and we believe in optimizing our travel costs and luxuries. We love backpacking! We prefer walking & public transport to Ubers & taxis, and rucksacks over suitcases. But we also splurge on the occasional gourmet dinner and the luxury accommodation when we want to be pampered! 

We created to share our travel tales with you. We hope that our posts help you plan your next trip to your wonderland! 


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